About us

SIGN CONSULT GROUP was founded in 1996 with the companies involved having more than 25 years of experience in sign business. Each company is an independent entity, only related through good teamwork across European borders. All employees in the group are experienced Sign people, and have been working with clients and manufacturers on the installation and maintenance of signs for many years.

SIGN CONSULT GROUP offers the client a full planning, project management, survey, installation and maintenance service.

As a neutral sign consultant group, independent of domestic sign manufacturing companies, we have carried out many Corporate Sign Projects for principal clients and foreign manufacturers throughout the Nordic countries. These are notably with the Motor and Petroleum industries that have central order and purchasing contracts covering many countries.

Few people outside the Nordic countries are aware that the distance from Norway’s capital Oslo to the North of Norway is the same as from Oslo to Rome. It takes at least 50 hours to drive this distance with a truck, and even more in the wintertime.

The Nordic languages are not widely used. Therefore the SIGN CONSULT GROUP’s national members acts as a local representative for the customer and the supplier. In addition to that, none of the group’s partners are manufacturing or manufacture-dependant companies, and can stay 100 % loyal to all parts in a project.

The partners in SIGN CONSULT GROUP offer material specification for ID-programmes and installation according to national rules and laws.

The Client is the winner
  • International or local purchasing
  • No language barriers (Immediate local representation in all the Nordic countries)
  • Local site survey
  • Local planning according to laws and regulation
  • Local warehousing in country of destination (Additional warehouse can be rented and managed as needed)
  • Local distribution and transportation to site
  • Skilled local technicians and installers
  • Local follow up and maintenance services
SIGN CONSULT GROUP consists of a basic group of 50 people and a capacity of 14 surveyors and 60 installation teams in Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden. All the partners have built up a network covering each country with local partners in engineering, building and electrical industries to take care of their clients’ interests all over the country.

The group members also have warehousing facilities in all the Nordic countries located to their national HQ. If needed additional warehouses can be rented and managed, dependent on the scope of different projects.

We are currently maintaining the corporate branding, among others, of some of the best-known motor and petrol companies. This allows us to purchase in bulk, from the manufacturers, the specialist materials required by the individual brands and distribute them through our members.